Wish.com Conor McGregor Sentenced to 3 Years for Selling Drugs

Surrey Police/Getty Images

A man who resembles MMA fighter Conor McGregor and tried to capitalize off his likeness with his drug dealing activities has been sentenced to 3 years.

34-year-old Mark Nye, of England, was stopped by police back in February after he allegedly tried to dump illegal narcotics and cellphones. He allegedly told the police his name was Conor, and the cops found hundreds of cards with "McGregor Enterprises" on them inside his car.

The cards purportedly also had "best drops in Surrey" written on them, referencing his drug dealing. The two phones recovered also contained "hundreds" of text messages that were reportedly used as evidence of his illegal activities.

On April 9, a court found Nye guilty of possession of class A drugs with the intent to supply and sentenced him to three years.

Source: Yahoo.com

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