Man Finds Out Why Driving a U-Haul in a Parking Garage Is a Bad Idea

If you're going to drive a U-Haul into a parking garage, you're going to have a bad time.

Parking garages tend to cram as many parking spots into the space available, and as a result, they have low clearances.

Pair that up with U-Hauls, which tend to be tall to maximize cargo space, and you have a combination destined for failure.

These two dudes are caught on surveillance video attempting to enter a garage in their truck and it goes bad pretty much right off the bat.

It seems they are aware there is a low-hanging pipe directly in front of them as they enter the space, and sure enough, the pipes scrape the top of the truck as they try to pass under.

Instead of slowly backing out the way they came in, instead they try to maneuver around the pipes. But that only brings the two concrete supports on either side into play. Then we enter the classic Austin Powers scenario of trying to turn around in a space not big enough to turn around in.

After some attempts to get out of their predicament, dudes crack the pipe, causing it to spew some brownish-colored liquid.

Eventually, it appears like the geniuses try to cut their losses and back that thang up out the way they came in, but nope. Instead, they double-down and power through the pipes and appear to crash straight into a wall.

You get a ⭐️

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