Man Stops Rampaging Driver in City Square with Flying Kick Through Window

In the city of Tirana, the capital of Albania, a motorist entered the town square to the shock of the many people walking in the vicinity. The car reportedly smashed into three other cars and crashed through protective barriers.

A small group of people are seen on video trying to stop the person driving from causing any more destruction or injury. One man can be seen clinging to the passenger side door as the driver goes in reverse to evade the people trying to stop them.

The car is able to avoid the pedestrians and tries to get away.

But seemingly out of nowhere, one man launches himself towards the car and delivers a perfect flying kick through the driver's window which apparently incapacitates the driver enough so they stop driving.

The man can be seen thrashing his feet at the driver until others arrive at his side to help him secure the vehicle.

According to one source, the driver of the vehicle had tried to drive through a nearby vaccination clinic.

The hero of the video, Klondian Elqeni, told ABC News Albania, "I was pushed by the lives of innocent people, no one deserves to die in Skanderbeg Square for nothing. I fell with both feet on his face and he lay down then they caught him."

Police identified the driver as a 32-year-old male. He was suspected to be under the influence.


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