Subway Worker Shows How Steak and Tuna Look Before Being Served

A TikTok user, Travis, took to the popular social media site to give the public a behind-the-scenes look at his job at Subway.

His videos have racked up million of views after he showed what Subway's steak and tuna look like before they are served to customers and some people can't handle it.

He shared a clip of the package of steak along with a vomit emoji and the caption, "Just to let y'all know how Subway steak looks. Behind closed doors."

Travis cuts open the vacuum-sealed bag of steak which comes out in a mushy texture and is in the shape of blocks. He then starts to break it up by hand, showing how it becomes flaky.

Needless to say, some people are shocked at the video, but what did you really expect?

He also shared a video of how the tuna is prepared. It's definitely not as bad as the steak. Although it's packaged in a similar manner as the steak, it basically looks like the same kind of tuna that would come out of a can.

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