Bumble Match Brags About Storming Capitol, Ends Up Getting Arrested

Photo: U.S. Justice Department

The U.S. Justice Department has arrested and charged a man they believe was involved in the Capitol riot in January thanks to the dating app Bumble.

According to court documents, one week after the events at the Capitol, 50-year-old Robert Chapman bragged to one of his matches on Bumble "I did storm the Capitol" and that he "made it all the way to Statuary Hall."

Chapman also claimed he had been interviewed by The Washington Post.

The other party on Bumble responded, saying "we are not a match." Shortly after the exchange, the recipient of Chapman's messages reached out to the FBI and provided them with screenshots of their conversation.

Court documents say that the FBI used the messages as evidence and compared his Bumble profile photo to video footage taken from inside the Capitol during the events on January 6. Chapman was then charged with four misdemeanors.

According to other screenshots gathered as evidence, Chapman allegedly posted to Facebook that he was traveling to Washington, DC before the riot took place, and he also allegedly posted "I'M [expletive] INSIDE THE CRAPITOL" on January 6.

Chapman is now one of the 390 or so people who have been charged in connection with the events on that day in January. Chapman is also not the first of this group to have social media posts that appeared to be on their behalf end up being used against them.

Source: CNN.com

Photo: FBI

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