Thirsty Commenters on Hot Shelter Worker's Pic Help Get Dog Adopted

A dog in need of a new home got exactly what he was looking for thanks to am adoption ad that got a ton of people's attention.

The City of Wichita Falls Animal Services put up an adoption photo for a husky named Sky with a shelter worker named Zackry, and while Sky is a great looking canine, it was Zackry who got all of the attention.

Within days of the post, thousands of comments flooded the Facebook page with some, ahem, very thirsty individuals who were looking to take Zackry home.

"Does zac need a home? I am open to"

"[friend's name], you definitely should bring them both home!"

"Just to clarify, is being on all fours mandatory to get attention from him?"

“Honestly, we did not expect it,” city administrator Nicki Bacon told The Dodo. “When I first saw the post in the morning, it had gotten around 500 comments, and I brought him into the office and said, ‘I just wanted to let you know this is blowing up a little bit.’ And the next thing I know, it’s going into the thousands.”

“He thought it was pretty funny,” Bacon added. “He’s the most humble guy. He said, ‘I’m just glad that the dogs are getting attention.’”

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