IKEA Worker Is Hero to Retail Workers with a Series of TikTok Videos

An IKEA worker uploaded a series of TikTok videos depicting what is going through his mind when dealing with common customer complaints, and whether or not you've ever worked in retail, his responses are so relatable.

In a series of about 20 short clips, he has perfect responses to customers often referred to as "Karens" when they either complain or have ridiculous requests.

Some of the gems:

“You just lost yourself a customer!”
“You think I own this business? You think I own IKEA? I’m a part time employee halfway through a two-week notice, I don’t give a sh**!”

“Can you just check in the back?”
“Can you just accept we don’t have it? The back ain’t some magical place. What do you think is back there? Santa’s workshop? The only thing back there is a clipboard with our schedules and some brownies Darcy brought in.”

“You should open up more registers”
“And whose gonna work them? You think I’m the only one ringing you up because I called dibs? You want me to clone myself or are you saying you wanna apply? When you see we’re shorthanded, where’s your resume?!”

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