Prank Caller Dupes MyPillow Guy Into Thinking Trump's Calling Him

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, who has found himself at the center of controversy for his political opinions in recent months, just launched his own media company. And it is off to a rocky start.

Lindell launched "Frank Speech" with a marathon livestream event and at times took live calls on the air. Unfortunately, many of the calls turned into prank calls, including one person who claimed to be former President Trump, a close ally of Lindell.

The live callers had dialed into Lindell's cell phone, and apparently some people got wind of his number and decided to use it to prank call him.

One person called in and claimed to be a Wall Street Journal reporter, then launched into a fabricated story about a colleague dying of a drug overdose before Lindell hung up and shouted, “This is a prank call. This is a prank call. Do you see what they’re doing, everybody? Do you see what they’re doing, everybody? That was an attack there.”

Shortly after, a screener interrupted the broadcast to tell Lindell they had "breaking news" and that Trump was on the line ready to be patched in.

"Hello everyone," a sound clip of Trump played before Lindell greeted him as "the real President" before the caller launched into a string of expletives.


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