Bride Slammed for Strapless Wedding Dress That Exposes 'Worst Tattoo Ever'

A new bride is catching heat on Facebook for her choice of wedding dress. The only catch is there's nothing particularly wrong with the style of dress with it being a fairly tame strapless one. It's the fact that the style of dress is not one that goes well with her tattoos.

The bride, who's anonymity is being kept, has distinguished tattoos across her chest that appear to be two yellow-faced emojis on her breasts with two yellow shoulder straps to go with them.

Needless to say, a frenzy of comments broke out on the Facebook post.

"I'm not sure I've ever wanted to see a girl topless more for completely non-sexual reasons."

"I need to see the entire tattoo! Like, is her entire boob just a yellow smiley face?"

"Honestly I would just like to know what the whole tattoo is."

"Whoever tattooed her needs to never ever ever ever ever ever be allowed to work again, ever."

"Why? I have so many questions."

"Who goes to the tattoo shop and says 'Can I get a smiley face bra on my boobs?'"

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