Drunk, Shirtless Golfer Uses Flagstick to Attack Rival at Charity Event

At a charity golf tournament for a local school in South Africa, more than money was raised when two golfers raised fists and got into a physical altercation on the course.

Two men are seen on video throwing fists before one man has his shirt removed. In retaliation, he grabs the flagstick out of the hole and begins whipping the other man with it in front of some shocked onlookers.

A South African media source claims the two men were drunk and apparently an argument broke out over "stolen property."

The manager of the golf course told the media:

“The golfers were playing 18 holes. A player on the 18th hole had lost his phone and when he called it a golfer on the 17th hole answered it.

“There was a heated exchange of words and a rumpus when the players approached each other. This whole thing comes down too much alcohol and the players, who until then had been well-behaved, drinking on the course.

“We do not condone nor allow drinking on the course but some players, like these, had snuck alcohol on to the course and were drinking while playing. The drinking resulted in this very unfortunate incident.”

Source: NYPost.com

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