Washington Football Team Asking Season Ticket Holders to Choose Team Name

The Washington Football Team dropped their long-held team name for the 2020 season and the name was meant to be a placeholder until a new one would be determined "by 2022."

But season ticket holders are being sent a survey, asking them to choose team names from a list, potentially narrowing down some final choices by then. The team has already stated they will continue going by the name Washington Football Team for the upcoming 2021 season.

Different team names are being sent to different people, and there are around 30 names in total being floated around. Naturally, some of the names are good. Some of them are okay. Some of them are bad, and some of them are really bad.

Without further ado, here are the names being sent out:

  • Aces
  • Ambassadors
  • Anchors
  • Archers
  • Armada
  • Aviators
  • Beacons
  • Belters
  • Brigade
  • Commanders
  • Defenders
  • Demon Cats
  • First City Football Club (FCFC)
  • Griffins
  • Guardians
  • Icons
  • Majors
  • Monarchs
  • Pilots
  • Presidents
  • Razorbacks
  • Redtails
  • Redwolves
  • Red Hogs
  • Renegades
  • Riders
  • Rising
  • Royals
  • Rubies
  • Swifts
  • Warriors
  • Washington DC Football Club (DCFC)
  • Wayfarers
  • Wild Hogs
  • 32FC (W32)
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