Man Who Spent $15k On Disney World Trip Arrested After Refusing Temp Check

A Louisiana man who paid a handsome sum to be able to take his family to Disney World on vacation instead ended up being put behind bars.

Disney World has recently implemented a myriad of security and health checks amidst the return of guests while the pandemic continues, including regular temperature checks.

47-year-old Kelly Sills allegedly skipped a temperature check and was confronted by park security at a restaurant in the park. A confrontation between the two parties arose, and Sills reportedly started yelling and refused to leave the park. Orange County Sheriff's deputies told Sills he would be charged with trespassing. The events happened on February 13th.

Bodycam footage captured part of the incident. “I paid $15,000. You can’t trespass me if I paid $15,000,” Sills can be heard saying.

Interviewed by The Washington Post weeks after his arrest, Sills claims the whole thing was just a big misunderstanding. He says he left the restaurant through an exit by mistake and was just trying to get back in the restaurant. He claims park security could have done a better job handling the situation but admits he was in "a bit of a mood" after a long day of travel.

“Covid is a very serious thing, but so is my vacation with my family,” he said after he was arrested on the first day of a five-day vacation for 7-8 people that he paid for.

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