Why Is This 'Creepy' Light Shining Out of a Woman's Bathtub?

The Internet is baffled and wondering if they been played as part of an April Fool's joke after a woman shared an intriguing photo to social media from a hotel room she was staying in.

The photo appears to show a light emanating from her bathtub's drain.

"I’m in a hotel and I just noticed that the bath drain has a light coming from it. What could it be?" she wrote as she shared the photo to a Facebook group called “Things Found In Walls – And Other Hidden Findings.”

On commenter offered an explanation, saying "that's clearly a portal to hell," while another added it looked "creepy as [expletive]."

Others referenced the Stephen King movie/book It, warning her not to accept a red balloon should one start floating from the tub.

One person however offered what seems to be a reasonable explanation:

Most hotels have a chase between the rooms where all the mechanical systems are exposed so they can be maintained. If the trap in the tub is plastic and the maintenance person left the light in the chase on, it will be visible in your room. That’s probably what’s happening here.

Regardless if that's actually the case, I'd check out immediately.

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