Former Chick-fil-A Employee Baffles TikTok with 'Top-Tier' Secret Menu Hack

A self-proclaimed former employee of Chick-fil-A has shared a pair of secrets, one being a menu hack that has gone viral on TikTok.

@brooke_lynn7 says she used to work at the fast food restaurant and let everyone know that you can actually buy bags of ice. Nothing too groundbreaking, but useful in a bind, which Brooke was in her clip thanks to a broken ice maker at home.

The second hack is what's causing waves.

Brooke says it's actually possible to order any soft drink off the menu "frosted."

Currently, Chick-fil-A only offers frosted lemonade and frosted coffee, but she claims it can be done to any soda. She orders a frosted Dr. Pepper in the clip and seems to have no issue getting one.

"So many people love the frosted Dr. Pepper, frosted Coke, frosted Fanta, frosted Powerade," she says.

After watching the clip, many claimed they've tried to order frosted drinks, and there seems to be mixed results. Some say they were told they don't serve other frosted drinks, but some say it works.

Which drinks would you try a frosted version of?


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