Prince George's County School Buses Equipped with Cameras to Issue Tickets

Getty Images

Prince George's County school buses are now equipped with new high-tech devices that intend to make the roads safer for children coming to and from schools.

The buses now have cameras that activate when buses are stopped and the blinking red stop signs are engaged. Bus drivers in the county have long complained there have been countless drivers ignoring the signs, putting the lives of children in danger. Unfortunately, there are even documented cases in Maryland of children being struck by vehicles during a bus stop, including a 7-year-old who was critically injured in Charles County two years ago, and a 17-year-old who was nearly killed in Montgomery County in December 2019.

Now, all buses in Prince George's County are reportedly equipped with the new cameras when students return to school next week. Anyone who is caught driving through the blinking stop signs will be automatically issued a $250 ticket.

The systems are being provided for free by a company called Bus Patrol who will keep a portion of the fines. Some of their cameras are already in use in Montgomery County, and they will coming soon to buses in Howard County.


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