Helicopter Destroys Itself During Take Off

At around 9.30 am, at the Bolzano airport in Italy, a helicopter was destroyed during takeoff. The chopper was part of the air section of the Guardia di Finanza, preparing to take flight for training.

The causes, judging by the images documenting all the phases of the accident, could be an error of the pilot or a failure of the tail rotor, which led the aircraft to turn on itself during take-off and then overturn on its side.

Just a few bruises for the two financial inspectors on board. Lucky and unharmed the military specialists who were on the ground near the device and who moved away in time avoiding the sucking of the blades and also the rain of shrapnel that detached from the out-of-control device.

The damaged helicopter is an Agusta-Westland 169 bought only a year ago, the price of which is around $11M. It is now at the disposal of the relevant authorities to investigate the case.

The site was secured by firefighters from the airport detachment.

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