Truck Driver Doesn't Realize He's Dragging Entire Power Line Down Road

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language

A, ahem, shocking video was shared to social media after it appears the driver of a dump truck somehow snags a power line and proceeds to drag the wires and pole down a road near Vancouver, Canada.

The people recording the video approach the truck and try to get his attention as it seems he's oblivious to the situation, finally getting him to stop before the pole crashes into their vehicle.

The man hops out of the cab and astonishingly attempts to push the pole off the back of the truck, to no avail.

Unlike any sane person who would stop there and call the authorities for help, dude climbs back in his truck and lifts the bed to try and get the pole to come off. When it doesn't, he continues driving.

So many questions.

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