Mom Branded 'Trashy' for Baby's Inch-Long 'Incredibly Dangerous' Nails

Photo: reddit

A mother of Facebook is on the receiving end of some serious backlash after posting an ad to perform manicures. Why? Because the manicures she is offering are for babies.

The post says, "I can do your babies nails. PM for info. Cheap rates." with four photos of a baby's hand with inch-long nails, each decorated in different ways.

The weird post was shared on reddit where it has been called out for being "incredibly dangerous."

"Baby nails are sharp enough as is, I can't imagine equipping my daughter with claws. Hard pass," on wrote.
"You're supposed to keep your baby's nails cut short so they don't hurt themselves... this is trashy and [expletive] stupid," says another.

"WTF is wrong with this world," another chimed in.

Some have suggested the post was a joke, noting that the nails appear to be photoshopped. Real or not, still trashy.


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