Mom Shows Up to Daughter's School Wearing Boxing Glove, Fights Child

A woman from the state of, you guessed it, Florida was arrested after she allegedly attacked her daughter's classmate at her middle school with a boxing glove glued to her hand.

According to a report, 34-year-old Edith Riddle of Jacksonville was arrested on March 18 and charged with child abuse.

On that day, a school safety officer heard a "frantic" announcement from a teacher over the middle school's radio system about a fight outside of the cafeteria area.

The police report says that Riddle had come to the school to pick up her daughter after a meeting with the vice principal. However, instead of leaving immediately, police say Riddle's daughter made a beeline to the cafeteria and engaged the victim in a physical fight. Witnesses told police that the daughter pushed the victim to the ground and hit her. Then her mother joined in, punching the victim. One witness says it appeared Riddle was wearing a boxing glove on her left hand.

The report says Riddle was wearing the glove when she arrived at the school and had said that it was glued to her wrist and that she was unable to remove it.

The victim's parents told police they wish to pursue criminal charges. The student was taken to a hospital after she reportedly suffered abrasions to her knees and forearms.

Riddle was arrested and charged with one count of child abuse with personal/special weapons.


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