Man Receives Final Paycheck in 90k Oil-Covered Pennies Dumped on Driveway

A Georgia man is baffled and confused after getting his final paycheck. It appears to be the correct amount of money, but it was paid entirely in pennies.

Andreas Flaten of Fayetteville says he was paid by his former employer who dumped over 90,000 pennies covered in some sort of oil or grease onto his driveway. Flaten says he left his job at A OK Walker Autoworks back in November 2020 and was having difficulty getting what was his pay for his final days there. Just days ago, he got his pay, but not how he was expecting.

Flaten says he was leaving his house to run to the store when he discovered the pennies in his driveway. He claims there was also his paystub along with a note that read "f*** you" on it.

"That's a childish thing to do," Flatten says.

He collected the pennies and placed them in a wheelbarrow in his garage. He estimates the pennies weigh over 500 lbs in total and has been cleaning them in his free time.

The news station covering the story contacted the owner of the shop, and he says he paid Flaten in U.S. currency and had no other comment.


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