Tony Hawk Becomes Emotional After He Lands His 'Last Ever' Trick

Tony Hawk is the Michael Jordan of skateboarding. Dude put it in the mainstream and was larger than the sport itself in his heyday. If you were a kid in the late 90s/early 2000s, you probably played Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and watched him do a 900 during the X Games.

Well, Tony is 52-years-old now, and like any person that age, they are probably not at their physical peak anymore. It seems like Tony is acknowledging it's getting near his time to hang up the board for good, at least in a trick-performing capacity.

He shared a video on his Twitter, performing his "last ever" ollie 540 on a half pipe. Not necessarily the most impressive trick these days, but for a 52-year-old man to do it is a feat in-and-of itself.

It's so overwhelming that he breaks down in tears after landing the trick.

Here's the first one he did!

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