FDA Warns Against Drinking This Bottled Water After Reports of Liver Damage

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The FDA has issued a warning for a certain type of bottled water after several people suffered liver damage believed to be directly attributed to it.

The Food & Drug Administration is telling consumers to not drink Real Water's Alkaline Water. Five cases of acute non-viral hepatitis, resulting in acute liver failure, occurred in infants and young children. All were reported in November 2020 in Nevada.

"All five patients had been hospitalized but have since recovered. All patients were reported to have consumed 'Real Water' brand alkaline water," the FDA said in the warning.

Other people living in the households of those who were hospitalized reported experiencing fever, vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite and fatigue. The FDA says the only common link between these cases was the consuming of the Real Water Alkaline Water.

Source: FOX5DC.com

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