Here's Who Is Eligible To Get The COVID-19 Vaccine In DC

Do you live or work in DC? As of this week several new groups including food service workers are eligible for the vaccine & starting March 29th ride-share drivers will be eligible!

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According to FOX 5 DC:

As of March 15, D.C. expanded eligibility to essential workers covered in "phase 1B Tier 3" – which includes:

- Staff working in courts and individuals providing legal services

- Frontline employees of public transportation

- U.S. Postal Service employees

- Food service workers

- Essential employees in local government agencies

- Essential employees in public utilities

- Essential employees in health, human and social service organizations/agencies who were not vaccinated as outreach workers

- Individuals working in commercial and residential property maintenance and environmental services

Another set of workers will become eligible on March 29 – including all those covered under phase 1C Tier 2, which includes:

- Ride-share and taxi drivers

- People working in logistics, delivery, or courier services

- Essential workers in media and mass communication


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