Someone's Buying Pro-Dan Snyder Facebook Ads in Face of NFL Report on WFT

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The NFL is reportedly nearing the finish of its investigation into the Washington Football Team and its owner, Dan Snyder, following widespread allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination having taken place in the franchise under Snyder.

And someone has chosen to purchase ads on Facebook linking to an article on a website called '' that lauds Snyder's charitable involvement in what appears to be an attempt to make him look better on the eve of the investigation's findings.

Earlier today, it was reported that a media outlet was "leaked" the 130+ page investigation, and that it concluded that Snyder should sell the team or be suspended until the team is sold. The NFL has denied the report.

It's no secret Snyder is one of the most reviled owners of a professional sports teams in history. He's even been listed as the #3 most hated owner in sports history by, just behind notable racist MLB Cincinnati Reds owner Marge Schott and fellow racist Donald Sterling, former owner of the NBA's LA Clippers.

Despite his efforts to "clean up" the Washington Football Team franchise, from hiring new senior executives and key personnel, to replacing the cheerleading squad with a "coed dance group," fans of the team won't be full satisfied until Snyder is gone.

If the rumors are true, that day could be near.

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