Chili's Is Selling Their Margaritas By The Gallon

Who's down for a game of slap-the-bag? Chili's is selling gallon bags of their margaritas!

Right now, they are $40 but on Chili's birthday next Saturday, they will only be $30

According to Thrillist:

Visitors to participating Chili’s locations can now buy margaritas by the gallon. Each $40 bag holds 128 ounces (or about 25 drinks, depending on your pour) of the lovely libation. And, as a gift from Chili’s to you, the chain will slash the price to $30 and offer single servings for $3.13 in honor of its birthday on, you guessed it, March 13. In the interest of not slurping up all that booze in one sitting, Chili’s off-site service continues apace. 

SOURCE: Thrillist

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