The DC Peak Cherry Blossom Bloom Prediction Has Just Been Announced

Peak Bloom Hits During National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC

On average, the cherry blossoms in Washington, DC peak around late March or early April.

On Monday, the National Park Service announced their prediction for 2021's peak dates: Friday, April 2 - Monday, April 5.

The prediction takes into account the temperatures over the course of the winter in the nation's capital. This winter, on average, temperatures have been a little higher than usual in December and January. However, February brought a long cold stretch, making the overall outlook of the winter back into the "normal" range.

The prediction could change depending on how the weather in March plays out. Already, some warmer-than-average temperatures are being forecasted in the region next week. If the weather plays out that way, it won't have a dramatic effect on the peak bloom date, but could push it a few days earlier.

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