Doctors Warn Against Bizarre TikTok Face Waxing Trend

If you can think of something really stupid to try, someone's probably done it already on TikTok.

Thanks to the latest "TikTok trend," doctors once again have had to issue a warning after some really dumb videos went viral on the platform.

The "trend" is having hot wax poured all over your face and then having it ripped off. Some people even have the wax extended to cover their entire chests in addition to their faces. Even children are shown having it done to their faces.

A barbershop in the Netherlands uploaded videos of the act, showing customers having the wax poured on their face, leaving it to dry, and then ripping it off to take off the hair. Some of the videos have millions of views each.

Renaz Ismael, who runs Kapsalon Freedom, says facial waxing is a common treatment but he has taken it to a new level by covering much more of the face than usual.

He denies it has caused any issues for customers, who sometimes have only cotton swabs stuck up their noses for air holes.

"It's not bad for your skin," he says.

Dr. Emma Wedgeworth of the British Skin Foundation reacted to the videos, strongly advising against having the procedure performed:

"The bottom line is that this is a senseless practice, which has more potential for harm than good and I would not advise it. I would not recommend treating children or anyone with broken skin. I see little need to remove hair in under 13s and if blackheads are a problem, there are plenty of other, far better options."

"If the airways are blocked, oxygen cannot enter, and if the wax is not removed fast enough there is a potential for suffocation as the wax hardens."

Kids, don't try this at home.

Source: LAD Bible

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