Bar Confiscates Girl's Fake ID So She Calls the Cops

Photo: Edmond Police Department

An 18-year-old woman in Oklahoma was arrested on Tuesday after she called the police after her fake ID was taken from her at a bar she was trying to get served in.

Blakelee Sands reportedly called the police and claimed the bar had taken her ID and that she wanted it returned to her.

Officers arrived to the bar and examined the ID in question. It was a Texas ID with the name "McKamie Queen." Sands allegedly told the bar that she was "McKamie Queen" and the bar did not believe her.

When officers ran the ID in their computer system, the license number came back with a positive match, but to a man named Robert Sanchez.

Sands claimed she didn't think she would get caught. She was arrested for presenting false ID with purpose of misleading officers and was taken to a nearby jail.


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