Why Does Randy Jackson from American Idol Want to "Powerwash" My Colon?

If you're like me and one of the millions of Americans who deals with fatigue, weight gain, body aches, food cravings, and even digestive issues, then Randy Jackson from American Idol is here to save you!

At least that's what a spam email from "Top Health News" is trying to convince me. It goes on and on about how "this 1 simple trick" changed Jackson's life forever ad he's lost over 130 lbs. The kicker? This so-called trick is being described as a "powerwash for your gut."

I don't know about you, but when I hear "powerwash for my gut" I'm thinking it's just a rephrasing of having violent, explosive diarrhea.

The email also claims "By just using this simple method he has been able to help clean out his insides and experience more energy, eliminate hunger cravings, and enjoy better bowel movements."

I am as big a fan of Randy Jackson as anyone short of having a samurai sword with his autograph on it. And I understand the hustle. But hawking something that claims to improve your health by giving you bouts of explosive diarrhea and telling everyone you enjoy better bowel movements as a result? That's where I draw the line.

I mean I guess if I am "powerwashing" my guts everyday I'm going to lose 130 lbs too.

Anyways, I click the link that says "Click here right now to find out Randy's simple method" and am greeted with a 35-minute long video that is pretty much an infomercial you would see on TLC at 3am. I start watching the video, but 4 minutes in I had to tap out after promises of what the secret being revealed was never revealed. I could tell right off the bat that I would probably have to pony up 2 easy payments of $49.95, or wait, just 1 easy payment of $49.95 if I sign up in the next 15 minutes in order to get the information that I could probably find on Google.

Look, I am happy for Randy that it seems like he is in good health. But this has to be one of the worst celebrity endorsements of all-time.

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