Dude Flies Banner That Says "Sucky My Nuts Robinhood" Around Their HQ

It's safe to say the popular stock trading app Robinhood is in some hot water right now with many of its users.

The company halted trades of stocks like Gamestop, AMC, Nokia and Blackberry last week after the Reddit group r/WallStreetBets flooded the market in an attempt to drive up the prices to screw over hedge fund managers and stick it to the man.

After that happened, many of the Reddit users flocked to buying cryptocurrencies due to their decentralized nature. Robinhood then blocked people from certain deposits that would allow them to purchase those coins.

In an act of frustration, someone paid to fly a banner attached to a small plane around the Bay Area in California, reading "Suck My Nuts Robinhood."

A pretty weird flex.

Someone else on Twitter claims to have paid extra money so the plane would circle around Robinhood's headquarters in Menlo Park, between San Francisco and San Jose.

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