Reddit Dude Uses Gamestop Profits to Buy Nintendos for Sick Kids

After a wild week in the stock market, most notably surrounding the drama behind a group of Reddit users banding together to purchase Gamestop stock, some ordinary citizens found themselves with a bit of extra cash in their hands.

One Redditor who made a tidy profit off Gamestop decided to put the newly-earned cash to some good use.

The unnamed man went to various Gamestop retail locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, purchased 10 Nintendo Switch video game systems, and then dropped them off for sick kids at Medical City Children's Hospital.

The group of small investors on the subreddit r/WallStreetBets were able to cause a massive disruption to large financial entities, forcing them to cover bets on the stock at huge losses while Redditors profited.

The Reddit user says he hopes his show of kindness will inspire others to perform acts of charity.


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