Florida Man Arrested After Smashing Taco Bell Burritos in Wife's Face: Cops

Manatee County Sheriff's Office // Getty Images

A couple in Florida got into a heated argument, leading to a man being arrested for battery.

Cops say the married couple got into a verbal argument over a family situation regarding them forcing their son to move out of the house. The husband, Victor Fosser, allegedly taunted his wife and dangled a Taco Bell burrito in her face.

The wife reportedly grabbed the burrito and flung it to the ground behind her. Unamused, Fosser then grabbed the remaining burritos on the table and smashed them in her face, "causing some to go up her nose."

The cops were called and Fosser was arrested and charge with battery.

The wife says she still loves her husband and went to counseling "because they do not know how to argue as a married couple," according to an arrest affidavit.

Source: WTSP

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