Joe Exotic Rips Trump After He Was Snubbed of Presidential Pardon

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As Donald Trump ended his presidency, the media bubbled with speculation as to who the former President would include in his pardons.

Among those seemingly convinced Trump would grant them clemency was none other than Tiger King star Joe Exotic, who is just over one year into serving a 22-year sentence. He was convicted of hiring someone to murder Carole Baskin, falsifying wildlife records and violating the Endangered Species Act.

Exotic, believed so strongly that Trump would pardon him that he had a monstrosity of a limousine fashioned out of a Ford Excursion back up to the prison in Texas where he is currently being held.

Speaking out for the first time since his snub, Exotic wrote on Twitter:

I was too innocent and too GAY to deserve a Pardon from Trump. I only mattered to Don Jr. when he needed to make a comment about me to boost his social media post. Boy were we all stupid to believe he actually stood for Equal Justice? His corrupt friends all come first.

Exotic is singing a new tune now after the snub. For months, he had praised Trump and his son, Donald Jr. Even Junior himself said he believed Exotic's sentence of 22-years was "aggressive."

Exotic wrote a 257-page pardon application, telling Trump, "If I have ever looked up to anyone it would be you... Not because I need you to save my life but because you stand for what you beleive [sic] no matter what anyone thinks."

Source: LA Times

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