I'm Starting to Resent My Girlfriend Over Her SpongeBob Roleplay Sex Needs

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A man on Reddit has admitted that he is starting to resent his girlfriend after she asked him to partake in a SpongeBob SquarePants-based roleplay.

The couple has been dating for two years, but "Jon" says he has been left cringing over her roleplay wants based on the animated cartoon TV series. He says they both have a high sex drive and are "kinky," but is weirded out by her latest antics.

"We've always been an adventurous couple and I've always tried to be encouraging of her kinky side, and her of mine," he says.

"This has lead to a few surprises along the way, but nothing too big of a deal and overall it's been really enjoyable. Recently she called me into the bedroom to confess something. She said it's related to roleplay, and I thought 'no biggie, we've done roleplay before.' But she said this was different, and confessed that she wanted to do roleplay based on the popular Spongebob cartoon. Obviously I winced and was not too keen on this, and I think she could see that, but I didn't want to make her feel bad so I covered it up and decided to act like it was a great idea."

He says he has to play the role of either SpongeBob or Squidward, while his girlfriend plays Mr. Krabs.

He continued:

"Every time just before she comes she laughs like Mr Krabs and it turns me off so much I instantly go flaccid. I've had to resort to faking orgasms so she doesn't suspect anything. She's the love of my life and I couldn't bear to tell her not to do this because it would crush her self-esteem and sexual confidence. But I can't look her in the eyes and tell her I want to 'flip her krabby patties' every night before we engage in coitus."

He says he has begun to resent her and is even afraid to go to the bedroom now. "I can't deal with it and I don't know what to do."

Other reddit users chimed in with some suggestions:

"Maybe ask her what about SpongeBob turns her on so much then try to find something else to accommodate her answer. Good luck!"

"Can you maybe offer to have SpongeBob sex once a week and take kink turns or something?"

"You do not have to do this every time. Moreover, you should be honest with her about how you feel about it. You're not doing something good for her when you lie."

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