'QAnon Shaman' Won't Eat in Jail Bc He Needs 'Organic-Only' Food Says Mom

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Jake Angeli, also known as the "QAnon Shaman" due to his appearance during the siege of the US Capitol building last week, appeared earlier today in federal court for the first time since his arrest on Friday.

Angeli, who donned a horned, furred hat, face paint and megaphone, apparently hasn't had a good time in jail so far.

During the hearing, Angeli's public defender Gerald Williams told the court that his client has not eaten since his arrest. Williams said that Angeli, who was charged under the name Jacob Anthony Angeli Chansley, has a restricted diet, but was unable to provide information as to whether or not is was for religious or health reasons.

The Magistrate Judge, Deborah Fine, told Williams to contact the US Marshal's office to address the issue.

Angeli's mother, Martha Chansley explained to reporters outside the courthouse that her son needs an all organic diet.

"He gets very sick if he doesn't eat organic food. He needs to eat," she told them.

Angeli insists he has done nothing wrong. "I walked through an open door, dude," he told NBC the day before he was arrested.

After bulletins were posted with his photo from authorities seeking information about individuals who took part in the US Capitol raid, Angeli contacted the FBI and identified himself. He reportedly told the FBI he "answered the call from President Trump who had asked so-called patriots to gather."

Angeli was charged with disorderly conduct, violent entry and illegally being on restricted spaces within the Capitol grounds. A US Marshal for Phoenix says the charges could keep him in prison for "years and years."

Source: AZCentral.com

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