"Silly" 80-Year-Old Grandma Strips for Calendar Amidst Fighting Cancer

An 80-year old grandma quarantined at home fighting cancer decided life is too short and decided to do something she never thought of before. That thing being posing scantily-clad for her first ever calendar shoot.

Hazel Sargent has been stuck at home in England due to the reintroduction of COVID lockdowns and has been self-quarantining due to being recently diagnosed with bone cancer.

One day, Hazel claimed she was "bored" and decided to strategically place some of her produce onto her nude body and had came up with the thought to photograph herself to raise money for charity.

"We’d had our delivery from Sainsbury’s, and I spotted there were two large bits of broccoli and a great big bunch of bananas. I’m a bit silly really but I just had a flash of inspiration, so I gave [my husband] Bob a shout, ‘Can you come and take some photos, please?’"

With that, the two went into their backyard (out of sight of their neighbors, naturally) and began taking photos. And with that the idea for a calendar was born.

Now the Upminster Golf Club 2021 Charity Calendar is available for $13 and raises money for a nearby hospice to Hazel. The 12-month calendar features Ms. Sargent in seasonally-inspired, revealing outfits.

Her husband says “I’m very proud of Hazel. We all need a smile on our faces at the moment, as life has been tough for us all — hopefully this will help people do that.”

Apparently, the first run of 100 calendars are already sold out, and Hazel has managed to raise another $2,180 on top of that from people who told her she can "keep the calendar."

“I wasn’t really sure whether I should be offended or not,” she said. “But it’s all good fun.”

Source: NYPost.com

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