Man Carves Giant 800ft Penis on Field in Bizarre Protest Against Government

Photo: Google Maps

A man carved a giant 800-foot long penis in a field in a bizarre protest against the Canadian government.

Jamie Rix of Prince Edward Island began creating a crop circle about 18 months ago in an overgrown field on some land he purchased back in 2009.

He says then one of his friends dared him to turn the crop circle into "a giant Johnson" and took him up on the offer.

Rix says the land he owns is zoned as residential but he doesn't have the tolerance to go through all of the headaches it currently takes to develop it.

So he chose to use the giant penis as a form of protest against the government and claims it is pointed at the Canadian capital of Ottawa.

The government doesn't seem to have much of a plan beyond four years and the next election. That's my feeling anyway. They'll say or do anything to get re-elected," Rix says.

Jamie says he hasn't had much of a reaction since the image can only be seen from the air, or in this case, Google Maps.

"People who do see it, or I show a picture to, they just think it's great, they laugh," he said.


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