Porch Pirate Arrested After Wearing Exact Same Clothes In Court Next Day

A man who allegedly stole a number of deliveries from a neighborhood in South Carolina was caught and placed under arrest.

A Facebook post, widely shared across a neighborhood in the city of Goose Creek, shows a photo of a man seen on surveillance video wearing a green shirt with an orange square logo on it who people say was the "porch pirate."

The poster claims the man stolen an Amazon package from her neighbor's doorstep and tossed the empty packaging into her trash can.

The day after the post was put up on Facebook, the man suspected to be depicted was arrested by the Goose Creek Police Department.

"Sometimes people actually do make our job easy," the department said on a share of the original Facebook post to their page. "This guy decided to come into our courtroom the day after the first post was made."

A screen cap of a man on video in a courtroom in what appears to be the same person wearing the same exact clothing was shared.

"We are happy to say he is in custody."

It's unclear as to the exact reason why the man was in court the next day after the Facebook post was made, but nonetheless, there will be one less porch pirate in the world, if only temporarily.

Source: CountOn2.com

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