Fully Naked Woman Caught Touching Herself Outside of a Popeyes Chicken

A Florida woman has been arrested after she was observed "completely naked" and "thoroughly enjoying herself" outside of a Popeyes Chicken restaurant in St Petersburg. Vanessa Lee, 38, was charged with lewd and lascivious behavior, her second such offense in the span of just over two months.

Witnesses say Lee was pleasuring herself in front of passer-bys near the chicken shop at approximately 10am and arresting officers say they "also witnessed the defendant masturbating in front of the dumpster completely naked." Lee was also recorded performing the act on CCTV camera footage.

On September 30th, only weeks prior to this incident, Lee was arrested for masturbating outside of a 7-Eleven convenience store only a short distance from the Popeyes. That time, she was seen at approximately 11am "continuously rubbing her vagina" outside the store in front of a minor. She was also noted to be "smirking" when the minor's uncle recorded her on video and showed it to police.

Arresting documents note that Lee did not appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, nor did she exhibit any signs of mental illness.

Lee has previous convictions for theft, possession of drug equipment, trespassing and possession of synthetic marijuana.

Source: DailyStar.co.uk

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