Borat 2: Azamat Actor Explains Why His Character Didn’t Return for Sequel

Photos: Getty Images

Fans of the original Borat movie were disappointed that the titular character's sidekick Azamat Bagatov failed to appear in Subsequent Moviefilm.

Ken Davitian, who played Azamat in the 2006 original, explained why he didn't appear in the newly-released film, which was made available on Amazon Prime Video last week.

Davitian says he was offered to appear in a "big film" with Sacha Baron Cohen, "and there was a small part in it for the two of us."

"And I said, 'I don't want to reprise the character unless we're doing Borat 2. And they said, 'No, it's not Borat 2, it'll never be Borat 2. It's never happening.'"

Davitian adds that "they offered me a very little amount of money... and in the first movie I only made $60,000 and all they wanted to do was pay me a little more than that."

Ken says after he decided not to join this project, and later it was revealed that Borat 2 was in fact what would have been filmed.


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