MGK Compares His Friendship With Yungblud To Elton John And Jimi Hendrix

It's amazing where an online friendship can take you. For Machine Gun Kelly and YUNGBLUD it resulted in a hit single ("I Think I'm OKAY") that led to more collaborations, but it's so much more than that.

“I reached out because I was a fan of everything he does, including his attitude and his way of dressing,” MGK explained to NME about recruiting the English rocker for their first song together. “His raw voice is so good, and he has an immense love for rock ’n’ roll. Those energies gravitate towards each other.”

“It was really free-spirited how we met and stayed friends,” he added. “It feels like a dope, across-the-pond thing, like: ‘You hold it down over there and I’ll hold it down over here.’ Together we can make some sort of union of rock stars. We’re like Elton John and Jimi Hendrix back in the day.”

The rapper-turned-rockstar recently earned his first No. 1 album with Tickets to My Downfall, and the Elton to his Jimi shared a sweet message to celebrate its release.

"congratulations my brother im so very proud of you," YUBNGBLUD wrote on Instagram at the time alongside a series of photos of himself and MGK. "ever since i think im okay we knew something was changing in the fookin water. unity in rock n roll music has been missing for a long time, but it’s coming back and coming back fast! there’s so much hate in the world right now, but f**k that , it’s a time to come to together and love the f**k out of each other, because nothing else matters. tell your best mates you love kells, i fookin love ya, im so proud of ya and the album is f**kin awesome! well done. keep your eyes peeled more from us soon. go stream TTMDF ... UP THE PUNKS ! 🖤🖤🖤"

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Photo: Getty Images