Man Asks Store If They Had 'Fun Time' with Ice Cream After X-rated Imprint

A man picked up a tub of ice cream from his local supermarket, as one usually does, but ended up getting more than he bargained for.

There's perhaps nothing better than relaxing after a long day and taking that first scoop of ice cream out of a new container, but Calum McDonald would not be eating any after what he saw when he opened his vanilla ice cream.

What greeted him was an imprint on the top of the ice cream that strongly resembled a penis.

He wasn't sure what to think, so like all rational people do, he snapped a photo and uploaded it to Twitter.

"Hi Tesco - I'm not being funny but has someone has [sic] a fun time with my ice cream? I've just opened it..." he wrote on the tweet, which has been liked nearly 1,000 times.

"For the record - I've eaten none of this," he writes in a follow-up.

After the photo was shared and made it into some news sites, Tesco (a British grocery store chain) gave Calum a voucher for the "cost of buying some... less playful ice cream."


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