Dude Finally Gets Wake-Up Call from His Russian Mail Order Bride

A dude on some God-knows-what reality TV show gets a wake up call from his Russian mail order bride on the latest episode.

The beautifully edited clip shows the man with his girl at a jewelry store. She picks out a ring she likes and lo-and-behold, it's a $300,000 piece. Dude's face straight drops when he hears the number.

Later, the two are getting a nice meal at a restaurant and he questions her why she always chooses the most expensive things to which she replies, "Because I like them."

Then, he asks her, "What if I didn't have the ability to [buy these things]?" and she says, "I wouldn't be sitting with here with you now."

"So you're basically saying you're just dating me because I can buy you things," he responds.

"Yes," is her reply.


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