LEGEND Bikes 69 Miles a Day From Poo Poo Point to Pee Pee Creek

A true legend has accomplished an incredible feat on his bicycle: riding over 2,500 miles starting from Poo Poo Point to get to Pee Pee Creek.

Poo Poo Point is an actual place in Washington state, named from steam whistle sounds back when it was a logging area. Pee Pee Point, on the other hand, is in Ohio and is named after an early American settler who carved his initials P.P. in a tree.

The man, who goes by @rubydrummr on Twitter, biked 69 miles a day and it took him 36 days to accomplish the feat.

Along the way, he even encountered Sharts Road, an unexpected surprise.

The feat was meant to raise awareness for the current conflict in Yemen.

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