Should DC101 Ban This Crazy Old Man from Our Facebook Page?

If you have a lot of older relatives on Facebook and you hang around on your home feed for too long, you inevitably find yourself reading some pretty batshit crazy stuff.

It's called "old people Facebook" and is filled with purely insane news articles, pixellated memes, "anyone remember these?" posts with a photo of a rotary phone, and "one share = one prayer" stuff.

I hoped I would never have to type these words, but it appears old people Facebook has leaked into DC101's page. In the form of a man named Franklin Ford.

Exhibit A: This comment on a satire post about how shitty it is to drive on the GW Parkway... nothing to do with COVID.

Exhibit B: This comment on a Rob Zombie meme. Again, nothing to do with anything. Well, I guess Rob is kinda a scary, devilish looking dude. Whatever.

Do we ban this dude from the DC101 Facebook page? How did he even make it to our side of the Interwebz? Did his grandson accidentally share one of our clickbait stimulus check articles?

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