Instagram Influencers Exposed for Using Fake Private Jet Set for Photos

Things aren't always what they seem. Especially on Instagram.

In a virtual world of people trying to outdo each other for Internet clout and making their lives seem perfect, it's no mystery that tons of "influencers" manipulate their photos and surroundings.

Especially in a world where "influencers" make money for their posts, they will seemingly do anything to impress others.

Melissa Maison on Twitter made a post that is going viral after it exposes how so many influencers have photos of themselves on private jets that all look eerily similar. That's because it's not a real private jet, but a studio set in Los Angeles that can be rented for $64 an hour.

"Nahhhhh I just found out LA ig girlies are using studio sets that look like private jets for their Instagram pics. It’s crazy that anything you’re looking at could be fake. The setting, the clothes, the body... idk it just kinda of shakes my reality a bit lol," Melissa writes.

I'm going to just go ahead and assume nothing is real on Instagram anymore.

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