Fight Breaks Out at Browns Game Despite Significant Social Distancing Rules

If you're looking for some kind of normalcy in 2020, look no further than the Cleveland Browns. Getting cleaned by the Baltimore Ravens in Week 1, barely squeaking past the lowly Cincinnati Bengals in Week 2 at home. And a fight breaking out in their stands.

Despite significant social distancing rules in place at FirstEnergy Stadium last night, where only about 6,000 fans were allowed to attend a game in a stadium that can hold around 67,000 fans, a fight still broke out in the crowd.

Gabb on Twitter recorded and uploaded the video with the caption, "Lol I love browns game," and "first fan fight of the year. of course it’s cleveland in the midst of a pandemic," depicting what appears to be at least two fans throwing fisticuffs while a swarm of security officials swarm to the area.

Some things never change. Especially with the Cleveland Browns.

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