If Blink-182 Wrote Third Eye Blind's "Semi-Charmed Life"

Ever wondered what it would sound like if blink-182 had written "Semi-Charmed Life" by Third Eye Blind? I'm going to go ahead and assume that's a "no" but someone did it anyways and the result is glorious. Alex Melton on YouTube has gained a following by covering popular songs and switching their genres or playing them as if another band had recorded it. And he struck gold here.

Melton puts such a authentic-sounding take of blink-182 onto Third Eye Blind's signature track, you could actually believe that blink could have written this song. Melton's voice is even in the realm of sounding like Mark Hoppus plus he's a pretty darn good musician, so what we have here is some professional-sounding work.

Even Mark Hoppus tweeted out the video, presumably to give it a thumbs up. Stephan Jenkins responded to Hoppus's tweet, saying, "Well played. So what then would 'Feeling This' sound like if we played it? Love that song?" Well, Alex, get to work!