Man Refuses to Wear Mask in Marshalls, Pulls Out Ding-Dong When Confronted

A man who was recorded getting into an argument with a Marshalls employee over their mask policy is going viral for his antics.

The man, who sources claim goes by the name of Tim Gaskin, was apparently a former talk show host.

Gaskin goes on a homophobic rant and curses at an employee in the store as the video footage begins. When the employee asks him to watch his language, Gaskin threatens to sue the store for $75k and cites protections from the "Freedom to Breathe Agency," which isn't even a real thing.

After threatening the employee even more, the man then unzips his pants and allegedly exposes his penis. Aware of being recorded, Gaskin tells the cameraperson, "Five people are going to see it. Hey, five people!"

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