Finally a Karen Gets Dropkicked After One Harasses a Bunch of Skaters

"Karens" are a popular thing on the internetz these days. You know, the women that all have basically the same haircut and demand to speak to a manager because of their sense of entitlement. People just love to heckle their behavior online.

Wouldn't you love to see one get dropkicked?

Well then you've come to the wrong place today because this video shows one getting hit with a flying kick #clickbait

Karen is arguing with a bunch of kids at a skatepark over who know what.

She tries to get in one kids face so someone dumps a bunch of water on her head.

She tries to knock the water jug out dude's hand and gets more water dumped on her.

She starts kicking the dude so someone comes out of nowhere and delivers a flying kick.

Now, the flying kick was great but then the girl pushes her off the side of the skatepark and she tumbles like C-3PO.

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